1-2-1 Osprey Photography Workshop At Horn Mill Trout Farm

Photographing Fishing Osprey At Horn Mill Trout Farm Rutland

Over 100  Five * Star Reviews


  Steve Harrison   06-09-2019


" Shots I Was Over The Moon With "

Hi Andrew, i great informative day with you, i came away with a greater understanding of my camera and you showed me some settings i had never thought of using. The practice we did during the day set me up for the session at Horn Mill, without your tution and advice I would not have come away with some shots i was over the Moon with. I would highly recommend you and your amazing photographic skills and knowledge to anyone!



Photographing Ospreys At Horn Mill Trout Farm


  I will only do the evening sessions at the hide, so I can teach you throughout the day what you will need to know. Suitable for A Complete Novice, Amateurs and Professional Photographers,


  Some photographers are offering a workshop that they meet you in the morning at the hide I would be very careful of this type of workshop as You are unable to practice what you are being shown be careful of workshops offering groups of 6 they do this to try and keep cost down and to maximise their profit but you may not get the training - camera setup and help you will need to photograph ospreys,


   We shall meet at 9 AM in the morning at an arranged meeting point if you have travelled up and staying in a hotel I can pick you up from the hotel or the train station we then travel in my car to a location so I can then go over all your camera settings and start to teaching what you will need to know before we go to the hide at about 4 PM by that time you have had plenty of practice with your camera and this is the most important part of the day


   DSLR Camera, Any Make Or Model Lens 70mm up to 400mm, Bring spare batteries and memory cards Unrivalled experience of camera setup and training throughout the day


   CLOTHING Footwear Boots - Waterproof Walking Shoes

Waterproof clothing this is not a fashion show keeping warm is essential.


   FOOD A hot flask of tea or coffee, something to nibble on and packed lunch.


   The weather if it is raining the workshop will still go a head we do not cancel this workshop.


   BOOKING  -  The hide gets booked up fast so my method is,


You pay a £50 deposit to have first refusal of the date, If you choose to refuse the date your £50 deposit will be refunded and I will sell the date to somebody else.

My 1-2-1 Osprey Workshop Books Up Fast So Book Now Or You Will Miss It


I Operate A First Come First Serve Basis.

Only Available Mondays To Thursdays


Cost & What's Included

Entry Cost to the Hide

Unrivalled experience of camera setup and training

Travel to and from the meeting point

1-2-1 Personalised tuition  £280


Pay a £50 deposit to book for 2022 Now

Osprey Photography Workshop 1-2-1 Rutland Horn Mill Trout Farm
Why Come With Me ?
Have a Day With
A Professional Photographer
The osprey hide is grown in popularity year by year
with photographers travelling quite some distance to
be there, To be able to photograph ospreys fishing
right in front of you is a great opportunity,

I am a professional. Wildlife photographer for over 25
years and I have taught many amateurs and
professional photographers techniques to give them
the best opportunity to photograph wildlife the
training you will receive on the day is 2nd to none

Unfortunately a lot of photographers amateurs and
professionals alike turn up not knowing really what
to expect

I will check all your camera settings to make sure
that they are at there best and explain these to
you, If you Choose to come with myself on the
osprey workshop you will have an 8o% more chance
of leaving the osprey hide with good pictures of
osprey than you would if you visited it on your own,

You may only get one-shot on the day you visit
one-shot and if you miss it you come away with
nothing or worse with bad photos, So if you want
that special photo of a fishing osprey and you are
planning to go to Osprey Hide at Horn Mill Trout
Farm Rutland then come on my 1-2-1 photography
workshop for ospreys fishing at Horn Mill Trout Farm
Rutland for an unrivalled experience of camera setup
and training,


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Gift vouchers can be used as full or part payment for any photography course or workshop. They last one year from the date of purchase,

  Tony   Date 9/5/2018


" I Never Realised "

I met Andrew in the morning and straight away he started to teach me things about my camera I never realised, Without his training I do not believe I stood a chance of getting any photos, when the osprey came in the training kicked in and you can concentrate on getting good photos of ospreys overwhelmed with the photos I got thank you


  Dharmisa  2-7-2019


" Truly Amazing "

Like others have said the training you get is truly amazing I thought I knew quite a lot about photography until I met Andrew he is focused on getting you the best photos he can of ospreys, We went to Horn Mill Trout Farm and had two visits from ospreys both of which I got good photos thanks Andrew all the best