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Prices £130 And What's Included

Prices for product photography in leicester

I will spend six hours at your home or work. I will bring with me some white sheet I will bring my laptop with photoshop on so you can see how to edit and save the photos. The settings to your camera will be fully explained so you know how to adjust them to get results that you require

You Will Be Amazed At The Difference In The Quality Of Photos You Can Take When You Use Your Camera And Lighting In The Correct Manner

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Product Photography Courses in Leicester
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Are You Paying Too Much?

Good Product Photos Boost Your Sell Rate. Of course you would like to sell more products on your website and eBay the way to do it is to have better photos. Because customers are unable to physically touch and see your product they make a choice by the photos they are looking at. The better the photo the better chance of a sale

So you could pay someone to do your product photography for you or do it yourself. The problem is that if your product photography doesn't look anywhere as good as it should you lose sales. I can teach you how to take great product photography in your own home or work at a fraction of the cost that a photographer would charge you just take photos of a few products

What you need and how you learn

To get good photos of products you do not need a full studio or a lightbox or expensive Flash Light

a standard lamp

is quite efficient when used properly with Just and a backboard. It can make a massive improvement on the quality of your photos.  I will show you how to setup your camera and the lights to produce better quality photos for eBay and your website. I will also show you how to scale the photos to suit eBay and websites to keep size and quality.

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What You Will Need
Dslr, Camera & Lens
White Sheet & White Cardboard
Standard Lamp



You Can Choose Any Day That Fits In With You

Choose Your Date From Our Live And Up-To-Date Calendar
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Doing Your Own Product Photography
I Will Spend Four Hours At Your Home Or Work
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What are the benefits to do your own product photography?

1, Cost once you have a camera and a few bits the cost is free

2, Availability you can photograph your product when it suits you

3, No waiting for photographer

4, You can get the look that you want

Taking your own photos for eBay and your website, it's a fact that good photos sell products so the photos that you present on your eBay website are important, Big companies use professional photographers to achieve this with a little bit of knowledge you can do it all yourself and it's not that hard, I will shown how to set your camera and the lighting so can do your own product photography at your own convenience, saving hundreds of pounds on professional photographers. All You need is a digital SLR camera and a lamp a white or black material and me to help you, in one day you will be amazed how many good photos you can take even with the standard digital SLR camera and lens you do not need a professional camera or lens to get good quality pictures,  so if you are thinking about taking better photos and selling more on the Internet then choose my 1-2-1 product photography workshop and i will spend six hours with you teach you all you need to know.
For most people cost would be enough to justify doing it yourself, and for some people is the time not having to wait around for a photographer to turn up. Whichever it is you will always benefit from doing the product photography yourself.

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