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  Mark   07-03-2018


Adders adders everywhere, I could not see one Andy walked around going there is one there is another one there is another one. I could not believe my eyes Andy shown me all the settings to use on my camera and I got some great photos great workshops thanks andy



Photographing Snakes In The Wild With A Professional Photographer


We shall meet At an arranged meeting point at 9am. We will then travel in my car to the location


DSLR Camera, Any Make Or Model Lens as many lenses you have got 70mm up to 300mm, Macro lens are good, bring spare batteries and memory cards External camera flash or off-camera flashes also work very good Unrivalled experience of camera setup and training throughout the day


CLOTHING Footwear boots or wellingtons & Gloves

Waterproof clothing you my have to kneel or lay down on the ground, this is not a fashion show keeping warm is essential.



A hot flask of tea or coffee, something to nibble on and packed lunch.


The weather if it is raining or cold if there is no sunshine We will be Lucky to find any snakes so I may decide to cancel, In this circumstance I will try to find a date suitable to both of us but this must be within the next four weeks from your date.  otherwise you will be able to Re-book free of charge for next year.


Some locations do not have toilets on site and the ground is uneven, with lots of walking


We aim to track down grass snakes & adders to photograph them in their natural environment as they warm up after their winter dormancy Adder & Grass Snake Photography Workshop Runs In March Every Year


The snakes we go and see are completely wild and free lots of things affect whether we get to see adders or not, The whether if is raining to cold there is no sunshine or They just don't want to come out on that day, They are completely unpredictable and I cannot guarantee that you will see them,


That sounds rather doom and gloom but I want you to be aware that there is a possibility that you will not get to see adders or snakes but you may,


The good news you will be in the right area to find snakes you will be with myself and I have been photographing these snakes for over 12 years and I know them well. The chances of you finding the snakes on your own are slim the chances of finding with myself is more then 90% and upwards if they are there, They are wild and do what they want, I am more than happy to continue running these workshops on the understanding and expectations of people taking part please bear this in mind when you are booking this Workshop.


This is a one-to-one workshop to keep disturbance to a minimum


Cost & What's Included

1-2-1  Personalised tuition  £140

Unrivalled experience of camera setup and training

Travel to and from the meeting point



You fill in the form with your details and pick your day


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Monday 28 March 2022

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Thursday 31 March 2022


1-2-1 Adder & Grass Snake Photography Workshop in Leicester
Best 1-2-1 Snake Photography Workshop in Leicestershire - Rutland - Norfolk


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Have a Day With A Professional Photographer

  Mark Evans   04-09-2021


" Well Worth The Wait "

Thanks for a very informative day Andy. It was well worth the 12 month wait to spend a day with you searching for adders, the UK's only venemous snake. I learnt so much from you and I promise to use the custom settings on my camera!

  John Miller      03-26-2018


" About Wildlife "

It's not just about photos Andrew teaches you all about wildlife how to respect it and look after it whilst all the time finding more and more adders to photograph, Teaching me how to find them was a good technique really pleased I did this workshop with you and I will be back for more.