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Why Do Wedding Couples Choose Us Over Other Wedding Photographers ?

I have tried to find out why one couple choose us and others do not and it seems an impossible task. The reasons given for choosing us as their wedding photographer are so complexed that I just gave up. Obviously some couples just choose by cost, and some couples will choose because they like the photos, and some because when they met us our personalities seem to get along. But some couples have such crazy reasons why they chose us I still don't know why they did.

Why Do I Think You Should Choose Us As Your Wedding Photographer ?

I believe most of all that you should meet your wedding photographer and make sure your personalities match, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Choosing a wedding photographer is not like choosing the cake maker or car driver you're not with them all day. Of course you still have to keep an eye on the price and what is included in your thoughts.
If you are buying a new three-piece suite you check the price, quality, how quickly it's delivered and the feedback But remember once the salesman has sold you the three-piece suite you never see him again. When you choose me I will be with you all day long and so will any other wedding photographer, so personality is the most important factor when choosing a wedding photographer. So contact me let's have a chat to see if we get along and if we do, we can talk about price and what photos you like and your ideas for your wedding.

Wedding Photography Prices

Great Wedding photography isn't expensive if you find the right wedding photographer

No List. You Can Have Wedding Photos Of Whatever You Like

Option 1 --- You Will Be Married At

Register office / Church / Hotels / Castles / With A Reception
Wedding photos on DVD or USB
For the Price of  £ 880

Option 2 --- From Start To Finish

Wedding photos on DVD or USB £1100

Extras you can have to enhance your wedding photography
A second photographer at your wedding. Just £ 100

Wedding Albums

DIGITAL ALBUM have photos digitally printed onto pages and give the album designer unlimited design and arrangement possibilities. They can differ in layout, size, style and quality.

If you actually like the wedding photographer, like his work, and his prices are on budget what are you waiting for? book him, and book him FAST !!!

Kirby Muxloe Castle

Thank you both so much for bringing our wedding to life and giving us so many pictures to remember it by. We've had so many people comment how beautiful all of the pictures are and the uniqueness of some of them. It's very difficult to put into words just how happy we are with everything that you did for us from the fist meeting to the delivery of the DvDs. We would recommend you to everybody that needed a photographer. I will also be sending the husband out for some lessons as well. Absolutely faultless throughout thank you so much. .

Kirby Muxloe Castle


If you're like me I'm sure you don't want to be filling forms just to find out if the dates free so all I will need is your email address your name and the date for getting married and if the dates free we can make a booking to have a chat.

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Wedding Photography Prices

Great Wedding photography isn't expensive if you find the right wedding photographer

Photographers in Leicester & Leicestershire

Photographers in Leicester that's what I am a photographer that lives in Leicester, as stated above I don't have a list of photos, you choose how you would like your wedding to be photographed. If you want me out of the way taking pictures from a distance basically going unnoticed I can do that, if you would like me to help out organising and arranging group shots and family members I can do that as well. In Leicester there is a great many wedding venues to choose from some small and personal others large with landscaped gardens. Whichever you choose a good wedding photographer will bring out the best of it. So you are looking for a wedding photographer in Leicester before you book them make sure you meet them and there is no personality clash because they will be with you all day. No photographer has some magical word to make the customer choose them. If you read above I don't know why people choose me but fortunately they do and they're happy with the service I provide. I think they are happy because I listen to what they wanted and try my hardest to achieve it. So when talking to other photographers in Leicester and they tell you they will do this and that and it is not what you want, don't just accept it I do excaclty as you reqiure, so choose me.

A lot of photographers can take good photos, but can they capture the emotion and feelings we all experience at a wedding, tears of joy are not the same as tears of sadness, smiling at someone you love and smiling at someone who is telling a joke is also different

How Will I Help You At Your Wedding?

I am happy to help you organize your guest for the family photos, I am patient so I will wait for you to gather up the kids, wait for granny, and move the ones in the back that are hiding so I can see them, so don`t worry I'm there to help.
Timings for your wedding can be tricky to work out, how much time do you leave after the ceremony to the wedding breakfast to make sure you have enough time for all your photos. I can advise you on this to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. As a Wedding Photographer in Leicester I have photographed at most wedding venues in and around Leicester and Leicestershire. I know the best locations for your wedding photos, and if you have chosen somewhere I have not been before I always visit the venue first to plan the best place to take your wedding photos before you even get there.

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