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  Bhavyang Acharya

Date 4/4/2018

  Alexander Hathaway

Date 1/4/2018

" Fathers Day Gift"
A had a one to one course with Andrew at, Abby Park Leicester.  This was a Fathers day gift from my wife and three of my children. I really enjoyed the day, I feel I learnt a lot and look forward to using the knowledge on my next cruising holiday in September. Thank you again Andrew for your time and patience... Regards from, Alexander Hathaway

  Helen Cartwrigh

Date 23/3/2018

" Take An Exposure"
I was given a camera for a Christmas present, I really was not sure how to use it.I was able to turn it on, turn it to auto mode and take shots I was not happy with. Without knowing what anything meant, all the numbers, different settings too many buttons. After a day with Andy I know how to take an 'exposure' of something that will remian still, and something that is moving...but most importantly to me, taking three or four of the same thing with different settings to capture the best results. His teaching methods were outstanding. A fantastic day!
I now look at the numbers (taught) and know what they mean and how to use some of the functions of my camara. (Remembering to choose the shutter speed!) Thank you so much.
I am going to book another course once I feel I have mastered this stage

  Bob Nelson

Date 13/3/2018

" Photography Course With Andrew"
I have just compleated the one to one photography course with Andrew and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Andrew is a very good teacher and is very knowledgable about camera's & taking photos ( or should I say exposures ). I now feel a lot more confident in using my camera and will need to spend more time practising the skills I have learnt today. Highly recommended.

  Lis More

Date 5/3/2018

" Definitely The Best Photography Course"
First Id like to thank you for our day on Tuesday. I had a great time and learnt a lot  hopefully Ill be able to remember some of it too (I didnot stop talking about the day when I got home).  The day was pitched well and although at the time I felt there was a lot of information, now I have had chance to go back and look at the photos I took, I have realised just how much we covered in a short space of time,  and I have lots of ideas for when I next go out with my camera. Ive even been looking at photography magazines for inspiration. It was definitely the best photography course I have done so far especially as it was one to one, rather than in a group. It was good we had a giggle too (I promise I know the difference between a square and a triangle).  As I was looking at my photos and going through my notes I have written down everything I can remember, in case I forget something in the future. I have attached these and wondered if you could have a quick read to make sure Ive got it right. I would hate to have the wrong info and do it wrong. Thank you once again and I hope to work with you again in the future

  John Max

Date 5/3/2018

" Difference Between Shutter Speed & Iso "
I just wanted to thank you once again for a brilliant day.
I have learnt a lot & I know that once my head stops spinning & I get quietly 1:1 with my camera in a field that it will all come together !! I will remember the difference between shutter speed & ISO & if I can't hear a beep or hear a clunk instead of a click then I know what needs altering. Thank you for you patience & for not making me feel stupid :) I'll put a review on your website in the next couple of days & look forward to sending you a few good shots from Loch Lomand in May.

  Brian Lad

Date 5/3/2018

" Thoroughly Enjoyable Day "
I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and enjoyed the course and tutorial given by Andy, I would recommend the tutorial to any camera enthusiast who wants to learn more about how the camera works in manual mode. I will be having more advanced tutorial from Andy in the very near future

  Carol Grant

" My New Camera "
I spent the day with Andy and my new camera which I really had no idea how to use. The day, although super intense, was brilliant. Andy is a patient teacher who goes over things over and over again to make sure you get it!  I have been practicing a lot since my course, I can't say I'm now a brilliant photographer or take excellent photos but I have a better understanding of what I'm doing and this is down to Andy! I would definitely recommend doing this course as a complete beginner or even if you have been using your camera for some time and just want to earn new things. Thanks Andy!

  Sarah Booth

  Lyn Tomson

" With All The Information "
Hi Andy
Just to say a huge thank you for today! My head is swimming with all the information at the moment but I plan to go to Watermead Park tomorrow and practise some more, especially with the flying birds!!! Of all the exposures I took while you were feeding them, I got one that was ok!!  I feel that your way of teaching on a 1:1 basis is really good as it is specific to me and my camera! I know far more about it than I did before, but there is still much more to learn too! Perhaps once I have got today's learning down to being second nature, I could do the next stage/intermediate course.
I will leave feedback on you website in the next few days, but for now I just wanted to say thank you!
Take care

  Paul Rupra

" Any Amateur Photographer "
Well what can I say, Andy is an excellent tutor .He provided a a very informative course which was well worth the time and cost. This photography course offered a perfect mix of theory practical experience. Its brilliant way to learn how to take perfect pictures. Every thing is fully explained in a clear and concise way that is easy to remember .I will definitely book my next photographic course with Andy. I would recommend any amateur photographer wanting to learn how to use their camera properly to book a course with Andy

  Russell Parsons

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