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Date 6/7/2018

" My First Camera"
Having purchased my first camera trying to find how it worked alone seemed to prove harder than I thought. After coming across Andy's website I decided to do a 1-2-1 day course with him to get accustomed to my camera.
Andy was a really nice guy, laid back with an excellent approach to teaching. Reminding you when you had forgotten things but allowing you to make your own mistakes to understand more. He explained perfectly how everything worked in terms of shutter speed, aperture etc and how that would change depending on your surroundings.
I now feel so much more comfortable using my camera and producing much better quality photos and what to look for in a photo to get nice shots. I can certainly say it was certainly a great investment for me as now I am happy to go out with my camera having a bit more knowledge of whether my shots are going to come out as I see them with my eye. I learnt that theres really no need to click shoot 1000x but more so wait for the right time and click it once.
Andy was a very knowledgeable guy and you can tell he has a vast amount of experience in this field. For anyone who has come across Andy's site and is thinking about taking the course I would 100% recommend it regardless of you level of expertise. Big thanks mate for helping me out, loving how I feel more comfortable with my camera.


Date 1/7/2018

" Practice My New Skills"
Hi Andrew Simply to say how much I enjoyed the training course on Monday. I learnt so much, still lots more though..Really looking forward to putting into practice my new skills... Ha ha...Thanks again, will keep in touch... Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year...Regards Kevin

  John Miller

Date 28/6/2018

" Enjoyed Every Minute"
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute. I think your presentation was spot on and I think the help i got from yourself excellent. I certainly came away from the day with a much improved knowledge of photographing wild birds and I have a number of amazing photos too thanks again for a wonderful day. I am definitely going to book myself on to anther course later in the year I will see you again then. John


Date 27/6/2018

" My First Lesson"
Hi Andy, i would just like to thank you for the brilliant one on one course i attended on Monday, as an absolute beginner you were very patient with me and your teaching methods are so relaxed i found the day extremely beneficial. I was taught so much about the controls and usage of my camera and i have continued to practice all that i was taught. I would strongly recommend Andy to anyone who wishes to learn about their camera or photography, such a genuine person and passionate about his profession. Hopefully will spend another day with you when i have practised what i was taught on my first lesson.

  Judie Edwards

Date 22/6/2018


Date 14/6/2018

" Macro Photography"
Second course attended, concentrated on macro photography... Andrew was brilliant as always, recapping previous knowledge, then explaining every little detail, as he always does. My confidence with my camera again has increased exponentially. This guy is brilliant... Thx for a most enjoyable morning.

  Ian Colledge

Date 7/6/2018

" Help Me Massively At My Nursery"
Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for your days tuition. The basics you showed me in using my camera off 'Auto' gave me a great deal of confidence, and I've been playing with my new camera ever since. For those reading this, I enjoyed yor very relaxed style of help, nothing too stuffy, and I cannot believe how quickly the day went. Great value as it's one to one, too. The ability to take clear pictures of flowers will help me massively at my nursery, and you're always welcome to bring people here! Many thanks, Ian


Date 26/5/2018

" Camera And It'S Features"
I recently attended a 1-2-1 course and had very limited knowledge of photography. The whole day was fantastic from start to finish, Andrew used a variety of methods to help me learn. I've gained a great foundation of knowledge that has enabled me to start fully utilising my camera and it's features. I have a good understanding of all the aspects of photography that I can now practise and build on. Andrew also took the time to answer all of my questions and helped to explain things in a way I understood. I would highly recommend Andrew and the 1-2-1 course, once I have practised what I have been taught i will definatley be back to learn more


Date 23/5/2018

" Rewarding Experience"
Absolutely brilliant day out on one to one course, thank you so much for your time and patience ! Have learned so much more and so many tips to get the best out of my camera. Also for your enthusiasm the day went so fast and I would recommend it to anyone needing that extra bit of confidence. Thank you so much
for a truly rewarding experience. Kathryn


Date 18/5/2018

" My Trigger Finger "
Dear Andy. Just to say thank you for a great day out. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt such a lot. It has given me so much more confidence, and would just like to thank you so much for your patience ! Your enthusiasm and knowledge, and am putting into practice all the tips you gave me and am learning to control my trigger finger ! Thank you so much, Kate

  Tony Williams.

Date 9/5/2018

" Since The Lesson"
Hello andy, I canot believe that its nearly a week since the lesson. Thank you so much for a wonderful day and for teaching me so much I never thought Id be able to do anything, so I was really happy to find how much fun it was. Since trying things out for myself at home. I feel that now I can hopefully take my photography forward! Thanks again andy

  Jon Berry

Date 23/4/2018

" Since The Lesson"
For my Beginners One to One Course with Andrew I spent the day at the Park in Leicester. From the start he makes you feel very relaxed as he sits you down and explains how the day will work and the basic features of your camera and how to use them. Then he takes you off to show you how to use them all in practice. I had previously only ventured off of Manual mode to take a few exploratory long exposure shots, not really knowing what I was doing. Needless to say, most of these were rubbish and either blurry or overexposed. With his personal tuition, I now know what I was doing wrong and how to correct the issues. My photos as a whole have now improved considerably knowing which settings I should be using for certain conditions. Technical terms are explained in a simple fashion so you understand what they all mean and do. I would 100% recommend these courses for beginners and also for more experienced photographers who think they know what they are doing. I guarantee you win learn new things and improve noticably. The instruction is simple, clear, patient and clearly coming from an extremely knowledgable and passionate tutor. I will definitely be booking another course in the future when I am at a standard to learn more advanced techniques. Jon Berry
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