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Bobbiel      7-3-2019


" I Didn’T Have A Clue How To Use It "

Wow what a great day of learning with Andy. My husband bought me a new camera. I didn’t have a clue how to use it!

So after my 1-2-1 course I can now use my camera and can take great photos. Thank you Andy and I will see you in the future for another course.

Clare  ( Loros )       14-2-2019


" Product Photography Tuition "

A big thank you from myself and LOROS for your product photography tuition, you taught me so much in just a few hours. I am pleased to let you know that the photographs i have taken since are infinitely better than before your tuition. All is still on schedule to launch bydsigngifts in August / September.

Sarah Valentine       20-1-2019


" Really Practical Approach "

Thank you Andrew for a very enjoyable and informative 1-2-1 photographic day course. Explained very well in simple terms. It gave me confidence to use the other setting on my new camera. Really practical approach which I found particularly helpful. Overall an execellent day. Really looking forward to using it on my forthcoming holiday.

Laura Paris      2-1-2019


" Now It All Makes Sense! "

I spent an amazing day learning what I always wondered about! Now it all makes sense! Explanations were at my level, great practical and an all round amazing experience. I will definitely have a follow up lesson as this has been amazing and I have learnt so much! Many thanks and will ring you soon! Thank you Andy,

Alan       13-12-2018


" Taking Great Photographs "

Just spent a day with Andrew on his 1-2-1 course and had a great day. I was unsure in using Digital cameras but with Andrews knowledge by the end of the day I felt very confident due to his experience. the day went very quickly but well worth the cost. being i am nearly 70 didn't know how it would go but felt at ease from the moment we met. From the day I was able to to set up my second camera two days later and had a very good day taking great photographs. Many thanks Alan


( DYNAMIC )       4-12-2018


" Product Photography Tuition "

Andrew quickly gauged our skill level and drilled into the photography requirements of our business. He used easy to understand terminology, and within a couple of hours we had a solid foundation of knowledge which we could then transfer into a variety of different situations. The one-day course was well balanced between theory and hands-on practice, -overall we simply couldn't have asked for a better 'tailored' day. -Now we just need to put our new found skills into practice! Many thanks Andrew, much appreciated!


Mike       24-11-2018


" Never Got To Grips With Things "

Excellent day on my 1-2-1 course with Andrew. I have had several attempts at photography and never got to grips with things. After today it is amazing how much I have learnt and how much more confident with the camera I am. Andrew is a great teacher focused at just the right level but tailoring things to my wants/needs. Well worth having the day to improve your photography - definitely will be back for a  follow up

Emma       15-11-2018


" I Learnt A Great Deal "

had a brilliant day with Andy this week; I felt that I learnt a great deal in a relatively short period of time. As a complete beginner, having 1-2-1 tuition was definitely the right choice - I would highly recommended it.  Thanks, Andy :-)

Malcolm       5-11-2018


" Mediocre Skill "

What an excellent day with Andrew. Like many I thought that mediocre skill could be compensated with expensive equipment and I sought out some help when I realised that my phone seemed to take my best pictures! I was not so hopeful that the day would be that much help but I am certain that I am a much better photographer after spending the day with Andrew who has a great advantage of being both an experienced professional photographer and an excellent teacher. Very well constructed day particularly helping to understand the camera and how few elements need to be adjusted to ensure you have the best chance of a great photo (sorry exposure). I have no doubt that I found the right teacher for me. Thanks Andrew.

Gareth Jones       27-10-2018


"Teaching With Practical Tasks"

Outstanding day's education. Andrew is extremely knowledgeble and personable, but most importantly he is an excellent teacher. He pitches his subject at just the right level, reinforcing his teaching with practical tasks and the appropriate amount of repetition. For me he kept things simple and practical but was more than happy to go into more detail when required or when asked. To receive this much one to one tuition from such an expert is a privileg