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  Alym Kassam 

Date 10/9/2019

" Place For Photography Courses "
The go to place for photography courses. Andrew was friendly, patient and had great teaching skills which allowed us to absorb key functions and settings on our digital cameras. Couldn't have asked for a better start to this journey of photography and will be recommending to work colleagues, friends and family :)


Date 2/9/2019

" Fantastic Day Today "
Hi Andy,
I would just like to thank you for a fantastic day today.  I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot thanks to your teaching.  I am sure I will book another session with you when the weather warms up a bit!!  There was a lot of information to process but I’m hoping to put it all into practice soon.


Date 23/8/2019

" You Actually Take it All In! "
I recently had a 1-2-1 day with Andy. It was a great day and so helpful! Andy is a great guy, friendly, and has a passion for teaching photography! You are given lots of information throughout the day, but its put across in a way that you actually take it all in! You get lots of practice during the day that by the end it all starts coming naturally! Thanks so much for your help mate and I'll definitely be booking back in for another session in the future! Lee

  Steve Dootson

Date 22/8/2019

" A Truly Memorable Day"
Is it still or is it moving?? At least I remembered something!! I had a 1-2-1 course bought for me by my good lady wife Linda as she knew I wanted to become more proficient in photography and maybe even get off "auto". Well, thanks to Andrew, "auto" is now a thing of the past  Right from the start Andrew put me at ease, very quickly determined my "level" and explained taking exposures (not pictures!) on a really practical level without becoming too "tecchy".
After covering basic camera settings we progressed to a whole variety Aperture priority shots and then Shutter priority. What was great though was constantly being challenged to change camera settings from Av to Sv and back again depending on the scenario given to me...I eventually almost managed this without lowering the camera to look at the controls! Having done this pretty much all day Andrew then revealed the camera's User options which made the changeover much quicker of course, but I totally understand the reason behind the method.
During the day I excelled in the Chinese garden, totally bombed in the big garden space, but I liked the way Andrew explained what could make mediocre (or awful!) shots much much better.
All in all, a truly memorable day. Andrew is clearly an accomplished photographer with immense knowledge of his field, but also has a real ability to explain things clearly to a novice like me. If you are even considering a day with Andrew, consider no more and just do it! I thoroughly recommend Andrew's course and intend a repeat myself at some point after practicing my new found skills.
Cheers Andrew!


Date 5/8/2019

" Right Up My Street"
Recently went on the 1-2-1. course with Andy. What a great day. Andy is so accommodating, you automatically feel comfortable with him. His teaching was right up my street and on my level. I learnt so much in one day.
Thanks Andy. Top man.

  Raechel Fairclough Uppingham Community College

Date 20/7/2019

" Business Photography"
Hi Andy, I don't think I've put my camera down all week. Your teaching method is fantastic and my brain seems full with all the information you crammed into it. I've even shared what you taught me with some of the students where I work. I've already got plans to practice lots and I hope you'll take me back and teach me more when I've got some better photos under my belt. Thank you, I learnt a lot and unlearnt many bad habits quicker than I imagined

  Vickie Wells

Date 12/7/2019

  Dharmisa Patal

Date 2/7/2019

" Take My Dslr Off Auto Mode"
Booked a 1-2-1 course as I wanted to be able to take my dslr off auto mode. Had a great day and learned a lot, Andrew was very knowledgeable and gave me a good understanding of the technical terms. I left the session much more capable than I had begun and have been practicing skills daily since. Thank you Andrew,

  John Mace

Date 14/6/2019

" Learned A Great Deal "
Hi Andy, The one to one lesson is a great way to learn as you go along at a pace you are comfortable with and have plenty of time to practice. I certainly learned a great deal in one day and as a result get a lot more from my camera. Best wishes John


Date 24/5/2019

" Osprey Photography "
Had a fantastic day with Andrew, learnt more about my camera in the first hour than in the last 3 months. Andrew is very knowledgeable and will teach you all you will ever need to know about taking exposures, the whole day was very hands on. Worth every penny.

   Keyeigh Mott

Date 7/5/2019

" It Was A Brilliant Day! "
It was a brilliant day! I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Andrew was fantastic and his knowledge was incredible, he was patient and made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I had known him years and the whole day was so enjoyable. I came away with a knew found love for photography again and I just wanted to picture everything in sight. Thank you so much for all you have taught me I am truly grateful.


( WAGO Limited )

Date 21/5/2019

" Product Photography "
I booked the product training and within 5mins I was already more comfortable with both the camera and taken photos (or information as Andy calls it). I will never use the auto setting again as it's now obvious how much it holds you back. I'm now very capable of taken photos to show the depth of the products to showcase them at their best. I highly recommend Andy for his 1-2-1 training, but I would suggest he put's his prices up to reflect his knowledge, teaching skills and passion. Thank you again...
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