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Do Other Photography Courses Give You All This?

* You Can Choose The Day *
* Hands On Practical Learning *
* No Classroom Out All Day *
* All Courses Are 1-2-1 *
* Other Have 6 People SO WHY SHARE *
* Most Affordable Courses in Leicester *
* £130 All Day Inc: Lunch & Parking *

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Hands On Practical Learing

The difference is my photography courses are all 1-2-1 so you get all the attention, SO WHY SHARE

You Can Choose Any Day That Fits In With You
Photography Courses in Leicester

1-2-1 You Will Never Be Rushed Along To Keep Up With Others.

Gift Vouchers can be used as full or part payment towards Any Course
From  £25 - £50 - £75 - £130 - £230  Valid For 12 Months,

Photography Gift Voucher

No Need To Book If You Are Buying A Voucher

Our photography course vouchers make a great gift for yourself or for that someone special. It's nice to know that when you buy someone a gift voucher they will actually take the time to use it .

My Customer Are Just Like You
Photography Course Reviews
Photography Course Reviews


Don't be fixed to someone elses dates

You Can Choose Any Day That Fits In With You

When you have time off work, kids are off school or nice weather

booking photography courses

Select your day from the Live Calendar. This is the day you are booking to come on the course and then pay

If Cancelled By Me Due To Bad Weather
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1-2-1 Photography Courses Leicester

DSLR Photography Courses for Anyone

I have taught people from the age of 12, up to the age of 82. From I turn it on press the button and get a picture, to those who have some experience but need a guiding hand, to training wedding photographers and wildlife photographers to be their best.

1-2-1 Is The Best Way For You To Learn

Learning to use your camera is not easy, reading the manual does not help if you don't understand what it means, so for most of us it's just trial and error. I've found that people learn faster and understand more with practical hands on help. I am 100% confident I can teach you how to use aperture, shutter speed, ISO, in one day so you will start taking better photos.

So Why Share

There are lots of other photography courses that have 6 people or more on one course. The difference is my photography courses are all 1-2-1 so you get all the attention, SO WHY SHARE you will never be rushed along to keep up with others. You can ask questions without embarrassment and we can go over things until you understand and feel confident with what you are being shown. Don't sit in a classroom come outside and use your camera.

Hands On Practical Learning

I will explain everything  in simple terms making it easy for everyone to understand, YES EVEN YOU. When you come with me for the day it's not about taking nice photos, it's about you learning HOW to use your camera in all situations, this is the key to good photography. In just one day you will be amazed how much you will learn when you're shown in the right way. You will learn how to use the menus and buttons on your camera There are different settings for still life and action shots, knowing how to use these settings and the difference between them will help you get better photos every time.
I guarantee you will go home knowing more about your camera than you ever thought possible.

All Makes & Models of DSLR Cameras

Our 1-2-1 digital photography course is available to all makes and models of DSLR cameras.
Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Samsung etc
Even cheap cameras can do more than you think when used properly. Because you bring your own camera I am able to show you where the relevant settings are on your camera, such things like how to change the focusing points, adjusting aperture, shutter speeds, iso, where the exposure compensation button is, and explain any other buttons that you do not understand. I can give you advise on lens for your camera, and any other accessory you are thinking of getting.

Where Are The Courses Run - And What Should You Learn?

Throughout the course of the day I will show you how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and metering you will use these settings on the camera to take better photos. This course is a very hands on experience. So the next time you take the kids to the park or doing a family picture, see a fantastic landscape, red squirrels running up a tree, autumn leaves blowing in the wind, you will know how to use you camera.

We shall Meet at the location, We have several locations for our photography courses in Leicester / Leicestershire depending on the time of year and weather. normally the

country parks, stately homes,

local park, Botanical Gardens, etc: anywhere outside. Further information will be emailed to you nearer the date with regards to the venue
Lessons start between 9.00am -10.00am and finish at 4.00pm - 5.00pm with 1/2 hr break for lunch. So decide on the date you want to come, fill in the form and in no time at all you'll be on your way to taking better photos.

Prices and what's included

£130 all photography courses are 1-2-1 the prices includes - light lunch & parking fee

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What My Customers Are Saying

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I recently had a 1-2-1 photography courses day with Andy. It was a great day and so helpful! Andy is a great guy, friendly, and has a passion for teaching photography! You are given lots of information throughout the day, its put across in a way that you actually take it all in!

I Am Proud of the Feedback That I Receive Most Are 5 Star

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