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  Paul Smith   22-10-2020


" Brilliant Tutition Style "

Thank you so much for a fantastic day which was made even better with the kind weather. Your depth of knowledge is truly very impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed your company and your brilliant tutition style which is very searching, which makes you think more about what is happening and what we are trying to achieve.


The main reasons people come on my 1-2-1 photography course

People learn differently, I treat every person as an individual listening to you and watching you carefully as
you learn, making sure that everybody receives the best training they can that suits their ability, We are all
different and we should be treated as such, So why would you choose to have a photography lessons in a
group of 6 or more and be rushed along with others when you can have a 1-2-1 course to yourself ?

I Have 100's Of Five Star Reviews

* Get Off Auto in Just One Day
* Beginners, Or Intermediate
* You Can Choose The Day
* Hands on NO Classrooms
* All Makes of Cameras
* 1-2-1 So Why Share
* Most Affordable 1-2-1 Course

My courses are run in a relaxed and informal atmosphere over 16 years teaching, 30 Years A Photographer
photo shows a green woodpecker
photo shows a green woodpecker
This photo shows a green woodpecker photograph on my one day photography course to be able to photograph something quickly and efficiently you need to understand the controls of the camera and where to find them this 1 to 1 photography training day will teach you what you need to know
blue landscape photograph
blue landscape photograph
This photo shows blue landscape photograph using Aperture priority to catch up all the detail you will be shown several techniques to help you get the perfect landscape picture
Photographing frogs
Photographing frogs
Photographing frogs some frogs are hard to photograph due to their nature my photography course is here to help you understand what is required helping you get the best photos that you can
photo depicts a flower a single flower
photo depicts a flower a single flower
This photo depicts a flower a single flower can be very attractive making sure you don't get camera shake when you photograph flowers is important this one day course will help you stop Shake for ever
Using your camera's shutter speed
Using your camera's shutter speed
Using your camera's shutter speed to create light trails on this one day course you will be shown how to use your camera's shutter speed to make light trails these are great fun at fireworks night with sparklers to write your name as in the photo here but can be used for lots of things
This photo is a landscape with a difference
This photo is a landscape with a difference
This photo is a landscape with a difference it shows bright sunshine with a silhouetted mountains this photography training day will show you how to take stunning photos of landscapes in one day you will go from auto to manual to take control
photographer photographing landscapes scenery
photographer photographing landscapes scenery
This one day training session is for people that don't understand how to use their camera the photo shows a photographer photographing landscapes scenery
Photographing cars at night making light trails
Photographing cars at night making light trails
Photographing cars at night making light trails with their lights is all about control of shutter speed when you understand how a camera's shutter speed works you will be able to photograph calls and moving objects in a creative manner Davina and Andrew photography will teach you how to do this in one day
🕺   Available To Disabled People with Different Disabilities

👬  Also Available To Couples

👥  On This One Two One Photography Course
I will teach you all you need to know about your cameras, Iso, Aperture, Shutter Speeds, So You Can Photograph Anything You Want, Landscape, Wildlife, Sports, Weddings, Portraits.

📸Using Your Camera on Auto
Using Your Camera on Auto Is about one of the worst things you can do, you have no control over your camera settings. To get better pictures you need to take control of your camera. I will teach you the settings that you need and why on all makes & models of DSLR Cameras & Bridge Cameras. on this Leicestershire 1-2-1 Photography Courses

🖐Hands on Practical Learning
Hands on Practical Learning is the best way for you to learn on the 1-2-1 Photography Course. You will never be rushed along to keep up with others. You can ask questions without embarrassment and we can go over things until you understand and feel confident with what you are being shown. SO WHY SHARE don't sit in a classroom come outside and use your camera.

📶My Unique Teaching Style
has been developed over the past 16 years. Jargon is totally unnecessary when learning photography. You will be amazed how much you will learn when you're shown in the right way. I will explain everything in simple terms making it easy for everyone to understand, YES EVEN YOU. come on my One Day Photography Courses in Leicester you will never look back

🏃  Where Do I Run The Course
Where do I run the one 2 one Photography Courses Leicestershire I have several locations for my photography courses in Leicester / Leicestershire depending on the time of year and weather. Normally the country parks, stately homes, local parks, botanical gardens, etc: anywhere outside. All locations have toilets available,

🌨Rainy Days
What happens if it rains on my Photography Courses day. They can be very unpredictable. Weather forecasts will be monitored prior to your day paying special attention to Heavy Rain. In the expectation of heavy rain we may decide to cancel, in this case you will be offered a free re-booking day.
Have a Day With A Professional Photographer
And See What You Can Learn
Photographing your pets at home this photo shows a dog
black-and-white landscape image
illustration of a small bird sitting in a tree
Photographing mounting composition
This photo shows a cat
photograph shows the use of natural light
This photograph is an elder duck
Photographing fireworks this photo depicts fireworks night
👸Get Off Auto Forever.
On a one-day beginners photography workshop. you will "Get off auto" forever and learn the basic skills of good photography in a day. learning your camera's controls, and practising your new photography skills!

📷 If You Are A Beginner.
If you're a beginner and you've been using your camera on Auto, or trying various settings with mixed results, this photography Course will give you a good foundation in photography in just one day. The hole day You'll have hands-on practice and practice makes you perfect!

🌼 Create Blurred Backgrounds
Learn how to create blurred backgrounds when doing portrait and close-up shots to make your subject really stand out, Take detailed landscape photos, by using  Aperture Priority. Find how to access your camera's features, how shutter speed affects your photos and how to avoid camera shake what's ISO Learn how to add interest to your photos with composition and put it all into practice by taking some close-up, portrait & landscape shots on the day

🌞All About Exposures.
Learn all about exposures by exploring the use of aperture, shutter speed, ISO that will take your photography to a new level. we will be outside, taking a variety of photographs, practising your new skills!

🕓  Live In The Past
Do you still live in the past fast track your understanding of old to new digital techniques. Learn how to master your camera settings Short Practical Sessions To Enhance your Skills. Discover how to improve your general photography with a 1-2-1 photography lesson. Learn with an expert tutor, giving simple, clear advice and feedback, with plenty of time for practical work.

👥  My 1-2-1 Beginners Photography Course Is For You!

I help people just like you get to grips with their cameras and I’d love to help you overcome your challenges. With my Photography course your Photos will get better in just one day you will use your camera with confidence.




You choose any free day from our calendar that fits in with you.


Price per person

And What’s Included


Half a Day Suited to someone who already know about Aperture shutter speeds ISO and needs a refresher course or just getting to grips with one particular setting,

£85 Start 9.00am and finish at 12.00pm


Full Day Most popular for someone using auto, or just bought a new camera, or getting the most out of their camera and need to understand all the settings,

£140 Start 9.00am am and finish at 3.30pm - 1/2 hour lunch break - Includes Parking Fee


3 Full Days Best suited for someone that uses photography in their business,

£410 Start 9.00am and finish at 3.30pm - 1/2 hour lunch break - Includes Parking Fee


📸 Individual Attention Guaranteed On This 1-2-1 Photography Course

Also Available To Couples




On Camera - Off Camera Flash - Photography Studio
Having a camera flash or photography studio lights is one thing, knowing how to get the best form them it is another. I will spend time showing you how to setup and photograph different things in many different ways. With a personalized one to one approach this one day photography course will teach you all you need to know.



Social Media - Products - Advertising - Portraits
This business photography course offers you the chance of learning how to do your own in house photography. if your business uses photos to advertise products, use social media, Portraits photos, business events then my personalized one to one approach will teach you all you need to know.

I Teach Individuals, Small Businesses, Organizations, Large Corporations And Famous Brands.


Adders & Grass Snakes
This Adder photography workshop to photography snakes in their natural environment, Camera setup and training throughout the day. This is a one-to-one workshop to keep disturbance to a minimum
Osprey Photography
Photographing Fishing Osprey At Horn Mill Trout Farm Rutland The osprey hide is grown in popularity  To be able to photograph ospreys fishing right in front of you is a great opportunity
Red Deer Rut Photography
During the rut. We aim to witness some fantastic rut behaviour and photograph the champion stags roaring with all their might The photography experience will be tailored towards beginners and enthusiasts.
Helping Individuals & Business Bring Their People,
Products, And Services To Life

I Am Available For Your All Your Photographic Needs

Across all areas of business photography. Let me photography your people, products, places and events with creative professional photography at an affordable price


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Great Gift for Yourself or for that Someone Special

Gift vouchers can be used as full or part payment for any photography course or workshop. They last one year from the date of purchase,

  Mike Mills  29-7-2020


" Best Photography Teacher "

I would of pay £500 for this course knowing how much i have learnt in one day just go to andy 5 star man best photography teacher you will ever meet thanks andy for a great day


  Stacy Barnes  06-11-2020


" I've Taken So Much Away "

Absolutely brilliant day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andy's one 2 one course to anybody, from start to finish, I loved every moment. Andy has a great teaching style, structured yet informal and really hands on. Everything was broken down into simple, understandable and perhaps, more importantly, memorable analogies.