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  John ( Only Product )


  " DIY Shop "

Well what a fantastic day from start to finish the service that you provided and information, It was like you have been in my business longer than me, You seem to understand straight from the start what I wanted and you could put it in pictures fantastic thanks Andy


I Am Available For Your All Your Photographic Needs
How do you find the right photographer for your business ?

A Quick Simple Answer
There is a long explanation I think you should read it.

🏠  Are They Local
💳  Is The Price Right *
👩  Do They Have Good Reviews
📞 Can You Ring Them For a Price.
📌  Important Will They Come Out to give you a price.
If The Answers Is Yes, Book them to come out, or ring them.
you can explain to them what you need. They can then assess how long it will take and give you a price that way you get no hidden surprises

DO NOT assume photographers just show up, shoot and send you photos. There is a lot of planning and time that goes into successful business photography sessions! Whether it’s for a holiday promotion, content fills or website images photographers take a lot of time to produce the best results.


TRUST ME when I say this, just because someone owns a camera doesn’t mean they know how to use it!

Unfortunately, in the photography world, unlike other industries, there are no legal regulations or licenses required for photographers to practice


Pricing How Much Should You Pay ?

Further down you will find my conclusion and how to overcome all the problems with pricing


FACT you can't determine quality by price alone.

If consumers can't automatically assume an expensive product is “better,” then how can they reach a conclusion about its quality? This is where gathering information comes in. You are not buying a lower quality product you are paying the right price for the service you require.

With Commercial Photography
pricing can be a nightmare with different photographers charging in different ways for example:

Example 1.....

Charging for individual modules

An initial consultation  £100

A setup fee  £190

an hourly fee on top  £50 to £150

a price per picture on top  £20

the copyright to the photos £200

the use of the photos  £12 to £60

editing the photos  £25 to £80

way in which it is supplied, on disc format or printed format  £240 - £1000


Doing it this way he does not need to know in advance what your requirements are, he merely charges you for what he does, you may end up with a bill off over £3000 pounds and that would be a bit of a surprise.



Example 2.....

Some photographers give a fixed price. But he cannot give you a fixed price until he knows what you want.


The problem with this method is that they will have to know beforehand your exact requirements, how long do you want for your initial consultation, how long will it take into setup, how many pictures do you want taking, do you want him to edit the photos, do you want him to supply them in three different sizes one for Facebook one for the Internet and one for printing, what format do you need. When he has all the information he can give you a fixed price.


Caution! In the pricing you may see the words, Starting From, Does not include. Now you need to ask more questions, to get a fixed price.

My Conclusion

First Best Practice
Best practice would be contact the photographer and have him come out.  You can now show the photographer exactly what you want photographing, Where it will be photographed the setup that will be required the help you will provide he can assess your needs and give you a fixed price for exactly what you require,  this way you get no hidden surprises,

Second Best Practice
Ring the photographer and try to explain exactly what you need he should ask lots of questions you will be on the phone for a while after you have finished talking he should be able to make an assessment and give you a fixed price, however this is for easier, if he his with you at your premises

I am always happy to go to a customer premises

One Last Thing
One last thing when you want to know the answer to a question who do ask the teacher,
I teach photography to the photographers that you wish to hire so hire the teacher for a better chance of success,

Hire Me For Your Business Photography Requirements

Big question how much do I charge ?


Have me come out to see you and I will give you a fixed price, Ring me or fill in the form me tell me what you need in as much detail as possible,


I also have a fixed bungle price if they do what you need, Based on hours at your premises, editing time and photos supplied on disc.


Three hours

🗸  No cost for travel within 20 mile radius

🗸  Me and my cameras with two off camera flashes

🗸  Three hours in your premises no outside photography

🗸  Initial consultation 

🗸  Includes set up time

🗸  Taking up to 10 photos, this can be one photo of 10 different items or 10 shots of one items with different angles,

🗸  Editing of the photos, highlights shadows details etc:  No clipping mask or replacement backgrounds. No multiple exposures.

🗸  Supply 10 high-resolution photos to you on a cd, not always done on the same day

🗸  Three hours fixed cost £330

If you require me to stay for longer, you will be charged at an hourly rate at £90 per hour

Five hours
🗸  No cost for travel within 25 mile radius
🗸  It includes me bringing a camera with two off camera flashes
🗸  Five hours in your premises no outside photography
🗸  To include initial consultation
🗸  Includes set up time
🗸  Take up to 20 photos this can be one photo of 20 different items or 20 shots of one items with different angles,
🗸  Editing of the photos, highlight shadows details etc  No clipping mask or replacement backgrounds No multiple exposures minimum.
🗸  Supply 20 high-resolution photos to you on a cd, sometimes not done on the day
🗸  Five hours fixed cost £480
If you require me to stay for longer it will be charged at an hourly rate at £90 per hour
Contact Me

0116 2313918

  Michell (The Cake Shop)



I have used Andrew services for many years and the ideas he comes up with for my business astounds me every time, he's is creative and can show you ways in which to display your products and services far better than you could imagine thanks andy


  Gabby (  Jewellery Boutique )



Hi Andrew thank you for coming out and photographing our jewellery shop the way you have done it is truly outstanding thank you for your guidance in making my business standout from the rest,





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