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Debbie Lancaster
Everything To Perfection
I just want to thank Andy for one of the most enjoyable days I`ve had in a long time. I did a 1-1 photography lesson with Andy in the local park. Wow I learnt so much, he explained everything to perfection and by the end of the day took some lovely photos. Now all I need is plenty of practice.
From someone who only knew how to switch on the camera to my finished photos wow. Andy has so much patience and waits until you get each part correct.
I throughly recommend anyone to choose this company for you photo lesson, from start to finish it was all well organised, professional and good value for money and I loved it. The lunch included was a lovely touch ..Thank you Andy for a great day and great results. I hope to attend another of your courses soon.
Michelle Mcweeney
Me and My Mother in Law
Fabulous day! Myself and my mother in law booked Andrew for a day course. Really doubtful how much I would learn as other classes and teachers hadn't been the best. Andrew was fantastic we had a good laugh, mostly at my mother in law ha ha!! He was patient and explained everything at our pace. Oh and we found our legs! Apparently you also need to move closer to objects when taking pictures‚ I speak for both of us when I say we had the best day and I've learnt so much, I'm off auto and excited about the prospect of putting my new skills into practice! Thanks Andrew.
Helen Cartwright
Simon Lister
Ospreys at Rutland Water
I had a most enjoyable day with Andrew photographing Ospreys at Rutland Water.
Andrew is an excellent tutor who is readily adaptible to work with all levellers of experience and improve their skill set. He shows patience and humour as required.
Thouroughly recommended.
Alym Kassam
Place For Photography Courses.
The go to place for photography courses. Andrew was friendly, patient and had great teaching skills which allowed us to absorb key functions and settings on our digital cameras. Couldn't have asked for a better start to this journey of photography and will be recommending to work colleagues, friends and family :)
Fantastic Photography Lesson
I just want to say thank you for the fantastic photography lesson. I had plenty of time to practice and learned a lot from one day. By the end of the day I was much more confident using my camera off auto. Thanks again for an informative and enjoyable day.
Michelle Chang
Best Money Spent!
I never wrote any review before, however I was so impressed with Andrew's 1-2-1 session today and I have to write it the first time.

I did not expect much initially from the first lesson, as I am an absolute beginner as I know nothing about using the DSLR. However at end of the day, I am filled with all the knowledges that is necessary to get me start. The day was flying so fast because Andrew's teaching was very engaging and he made the complicated things so easy to understand and I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson. I would recommend him to anyone I know for sure!!! Best money spent!
Ray Hardy
Adder Photography Workshop
Have to say the 1-2-1 day spent with Andrew was first class. Not only did I get to see, photograph Adders in the wild ( a real plus for me ) but time spent with Andrew, he took the time to teach me more about both my camera but also photography.. couldn’t rate him high enough and I will definitely do more in the future
Laura Paris
Now It All Makes Sense!
I spent an amazing day learning what I always wondered about! Now it all makes sense! Explanations were at my level, great practical and an all round amazing experience. I will definitely have a follow up lesson as this has been amazing and I have learnt so much! Many thanks and will ring you soon! Thank you Andy,
Would you Recommend Us YES
Taking Great Photographs
Just spent a day with Andrew on his 1-2-1 course and had a great day. I was unsure in using Digital cameras but with Andrews knowledge by the end of the day I felt very confident due to his experience. the day went very quickly but well worth the cost. being i am nearly 70 didn't know how it would go but felt at ease from the moment we met. From the day I was able to to set up my second camera two days later and had a very good day taking great photographs. Many thanks Alan
John Boyle
Adder Photography Workshop
I enjoyed an excellent 1-2-1 day of adder photography with Andy.
The adders that we found was active throughout the day and came to within a metre of us.
In addition to looking for and photographing adders, Andy took the time to teach me how to get better results from my camera and that together with such a close encounter with a wild adder made for a memorable day.
Dynamic Merchandise Ltd
Product Photography Tuition
Andrew quickly gauged our skill level and drilled into the photography requirements of our business. He used easy to understand terminology, and within a couple of hours we had a solid foundation of knowledge which we could then transfer into a variety of different situations. The one-day course was well balanced between theory and hands-on practice, -overall we simply couldn't have asked for a better 'tailored' day. -Now we just need to put our new found skills into practice! Many thanks Andrew, much appreciated!
Never Got To Grips With Things
Excellent day on my 1-2-1 course with Andrew. I have had several attempts at photography and never got to grips with things. After today it is amazing how much I have learnt and how much more confident with the camera I am. Andrew is a great teacher focused at just the right level but tailoring things to my wants/needs. Well worth having the day to improve your photography - definitely will be back for a follow up.
I Learnt A Great Deal
had a brilliant day with Andy this week; I felt that I learnt a great deal in a relatively short period of time. As a complete beginner, having 1-2-1 tuition was definitely the right choice - I would highly recommended it.  Thanks, Andy :-)
Mediocre Skill
What an excellent day with Andrew. Like many I thought that mediocre skill could be compensated with expensive equipment and I sought out some help when I realised that my phone seemed to take my best pictures! I was not so hopeful that the day would be that much help but I am certain that I am a much better photographer after spending the day with Andrew who has a great advantage of being both an experienced professional photographer and an excellent teacher. Very well constructed day particularly helping to understand the camera and how few elements need to be adjusted to ensure you have the best chance of a great photo (sorry exposure). I have no doubt that I found the right teacher for me. Thanks Andrew.
Sarah Valentine
Really Practical Approach
Thank you Andrew for a very enjoyable and informative 1-2-1 photographic day course. Explained very well in simple terms. It gave me confidence to use the other setting on my new camera. Really practical approach which I found particularly helpful. Overall an execellent day. Really looking forward to using it on my forthcoming holiday.
Fantastic Day Today
Hi Andy,
I would just like to thank you for a fantastic day today.  I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot thanks to your teaching.  I am sure I will book another session with you when the weather warms up a bit!!  There was a lot of information to process but I’m hoping to put it all into practice soon.
Emil Remm
You Actually Take it All In!
I recently had a 1-2-1 day with Andy. It was a great day and so helpful! Andy is a great guy, friendly, and has a passion for teaching photography! You are given lots of information throughout the day, but its put across in a way that you actually take it all in! You get lots of practice during the day that by the end it all starts coming naturally! Thanks so much for your help mate and I'll definitely be booking back in for another session in the future! Lee
Right Up My Street
Recently went on the 1-2-1. course with Andy. What a great day. Andy is so accommodating, you automatically feel comfortable with him. His teaching was right up my street and on my level. I learnt so much in one day.
Thanks Andy. Top man.
Steve Dootson
A Truly Memorable Day
Is it still or is it moving?? At least I remembered something!! I had a 1-2-1 course bought for me by my good lady wife Linda as she knew I wanted to become more proficient in photography and maybe even get off "auto". Well, thanks to Andrew, "auto" is now a thing of the past  Right from the start Andrew put me at ease, very quickly determined my "level" and explained taking exposures (not pictures!) on a really practical level without becoming too "tecchy".
After covering basic camera settings we progressed to a whole variety Aperture priority shots and then Shutter priority. What was great though was constantly being challenged to change camera settings from Av to Sv and back again depending on the scenario given to me...I eventually almost managed this without lowering the camera to look at the controls! Having done this pretty much all day Andrew then revealed the camera's User options which made the changeover much quicker of course, but I totally understand the reason behind the method.
During the day I excelled in the Chinese garden, totally bombed in the big garden space, but I liked the way Andrew explained what could make mediocre (or awful!) shots much much better.
All in all, a truly memorable day. Andrew is clearly an accomplished photographer with immense knowledge of his field, but also has a real ability to explain things clearly to a novice like me. If you are even considering a day with Andrew, consider no more and just do it! I thoroughly recommend Andrew's course and intend a repeat myself at some point after practicing my new found skills.
Cheers Andrew!
Tina Dvořáková
Uppingham Community College
Business Photography
Hi Andy, I don't think I've put my camera down all week. Your teaching method is fantastic and my brain seems full with all the information you crammed into it. I've even shared what you taught me with some of the students where I work. I've already got plans to practice lots and I hope you'll take me back and teach me more when I've got some better photos under my belt. Thank you, I learnt a lot and unlearnt many bad habits quicker than I imagined.
Neil Palmer
Dharmisa Patal
Take My Dslr Off Auto Mode
Booked a 1-2-1 course as I wanted to be able to take my dslr off auto mode. Had a great day and learned a lot, Andrew was very knowledgeable and gave me a good understanding of the technical terms. I left the session much more capable than I had begun and have been practicing skills daily since. Thank you Andrew,
Andy Williamson
Liz ( Fisher German )
Product Photography
I had such a good day and learned far more than I ever thought I would in one day. I did the course to improve the photography element of my job and I think I would have been far-pushed to get the same training anywhere else. I would fully recommend Andy, he was a very good teacher and made it fun without putting you under too much pressure. I will look to have another course once I've mastered what I've just been taught!
Learned A Great Deal
Hi Andy, The one to one lesson is a great way to learn as you go along at a pace you are comfortable with and have plenty of time to practice. I certainly learned a great deal in one day and as a result get a lot more from my camera. Best wishes John,
Osprey Photography
Had a fantastic day with Andrew, learnt more about my camera in the first hour than in the last 3 months. Andrew is very knowledgeable and will teach you all you will ever need to know about taking exposures, the whole day was very hands on. Worth every penny.
Judie Edwards
Keyeigh Mott
It Was A Brilliant Day!
It was a brilliant day! I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Andrew was fantastic and his knowledge was incredible, he was patient and made me feel very comfortable. I felt like I had known him years and the whole day was so enjoyable. I came away with a knew found love for photography again and I just wanted to picture everything in sight. Thank you so much for all you have taught me I am truly grateful.
Bhavyang Acharya
( WAGO Limited )
Product Photography
I booked the product training and within 5mins I was already more comfortable with both the camera and taken photos (or information as Andy calls it). I will never use the auto setting again as it's now obvious how much it holds you back. I'm now very capable of taken photos to show the depth of the products to showcase them at their best. I highly recommend Andy for his 1-2-1 training, but I would suggest he put's his prices up to reflect his knowledge, teaching skills and passion. Thank you again...
Glyn Marlowr
To Improve Your Skills
If like me you love your photography but wish to improve your skills and knowledge to take you photos to the next level then this is the day for you. This is a day when you take the shots with a helping hand from Andy who Leads you through the proses from start to finish, taking you from Auto mode at the start of the day and by the end you will be taking shots in manual. Andy has a vast knowledge and of photography and passes on the information to you at a speed you can understand. All in all a great day out. Thanks again Andy. Kind Regards Glyn,
Sarah Booth
Chris Oakley
World Of Photography
I did the one to one photography course recently and found it not only really helpful but a fascinating insight into the world of photography. As I am just starting out it was a great platform for me to build on. Andy manages to ascertain how quickly you pick up new ideas and makes sure that you get the most out of the course whatever level you are starting out at. The best part of it all though was being able to use all of the information from this course to get some nice shots on holiday! Hopefully will just be able to keep practicing to get better. Thank you Andy,
Sally Coles
Novices Like Me
Would thoroughly recommend Andrew`s course for beginners. I learned so much in just one day, and feel much more confident now to make use of the settings on my camera rather than relying on the auto ones. Andrew explained the processes in a way that novices like me could understand, and by repeating the exercises several times, I had the chance to practice things and consolidate the learning. He also helped me make trigger notes so that I feel confident to move on alone, and he highlighted the areas where I need to concentrate so that nothing gets forgotten. I feel really hopeful that my future photography efforts will show a great improvement!
Andrea Mcdonald
I Didn’T Have A Clue How To Use It
Wow what a great day of learning with Andy. My husband bought me a new camera. I didn’t have a clue how to use it!
So after my 1-2-1 course I can now use my camera and can take great photos. Thank you Andy and I will see you in the future for another course.
Product Photography Tuition
A big thank you from myself and LOROS for your product photography tuition, you taught me so much in just a few hours. I am pleased to let you know that the photographs i have taken since are infinitely better than before your tuition. All is still on schedule to launch bydsigngifts in August / September.
Steve Harrison
Osprey Photography
Hi Andrew,
i great informative day with you, i came away with a greater understanding of my camera and you showed me some settings i had never thought of using. The practice we did during the day set me up for the session at Horn Mill, without your tution and advice I would not have come away with some shots i was over the Moon with. I would highly recommend you and your amazing photographic skills and knowledge to anyone!
Russell Parsons
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